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Historic Preservation

Kendallville’s proud heritage is celebrated in the historic downtown district by restoring and preserving the beautiful structures that line the streets.

Exterior repairs or alterations to the properties located within Kendallville's Local Historic District are subject to review by the Historic Preservation Commission to ensure "appropriateness". 

Certificate of Appropriateness

The city of Kendallville’s Historic Preservation Commission was created to assist property owners with structures located within the Local Historic District in preserving the city's heritage. Historic Downtown Kendallville will help property owners navigate the requirements of the District. We appreciate the commitments of  property owners to maintain and enhance their investments in our historic downtown corridor!

Properties in the District are of great importance and value to the city. As such, the requirement to obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA), before endeavoring to alter the appearance of a contributing building, is a process meant to help preserve Downtown Kendallville's historic integrity and character for generations to come.

Obtaining a COA for proposed work is a pretty simple process. In most cases, COAs can be quickly issued for work related to:

  • Repointing / masonry work

  • Landscaping

  • Fencing

  • Signage / awnings

  • Door replacement

  • Railing replacement

  • Mechanical system upgrades

  • Roofing or siding replacement

A COA is not required for routine property repairs or maintenance when the same materials will be used to replace a part of the building that has been damaged.

Once a Certificate of Appropriateness is approved, a placard will be placed on the building by Indiana Landmarks describing the work to be done and certifying that the work meets historic guidelines.  This placard is similar to a building permit and will remain in place until all work has been completed.

Once the COA Application is ready to submit, send a copy of it two weeks prior to the next scheduled meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission, to Debra Parcell (

The Historic Preservation Commission meets on the first  Wednesday of each month, so be sure to send the COA Application to Indiana Landmarks at least two weeks prior to that date. 

Facade Grants

Property owners who plan to apply for a Facade Grant from the Kendallville Redevelopment Commission will need to obtain a COA in order to be eligible for grant funding. (See above.)

Property owners applying for the PreservINg Main Street 25/75 Facade Grant, available for a limited time from the Kendallville Redevelopment Commission. will need to obtain a COA in order to be eligible for grant funding. (See above.)

Certificate of Appropriateness
Facade Grants

Historic Preservation Commission

Terry Housholder

Stephane Langelier

Kevin Sabrosky

Jerry Spaw

Jacob Ihrie


The Historic Preservation Commission meets on the first Wednesday of each month at noon to review requests from property owners to alter exterior façades of buildings located within the Local Historic District.

This is a commission established by the City of Kendallville

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Historic Preservation Commission
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