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Enjoy downtown events, explore our businesses, and get involved in promoting and preserving historic downtown Kendallville, Indiana!  

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Co-working space coming to Main Street

Photo by Matt Getts, courtesy of KPC Media Group.
This building at 231 S Main is undergoing renovations to become a co-working space.
231 Main Kendallville Co-Working

Main Street in Historic Downtown Kendallville will soon feature a co-working space to support small business owners, gig workers, entrepreneurs, and traveling professionals. Local and traveling workers will enjoy access within walking distance to a number of restaurants, movie theatre, and boutique shops in the vibrant, growing historic district.

A generous investment by the Kendallville Redevelopment Commission (RDC) helped Historic Downtown Kendallville recently purchase the building at 231 S Main Street, formerly an auto garage, car sales lot, and metal fabrication business, to be transformed into 231 Main Kendallville Co-Working, a co-working space and significant enhancement to Noble County's entrepreneurial ecosystem. The building will also become the office of Kristen Johnson, Main Street Manager, when renovations are complete.

The funding provided by the RDC, along with grants from the Don Wood Foundation and T-Mobile Foundation, will cover renovation costs. Plans include the creation of private offices, dedicated work stations, and "hot seats" - work spaces for individuals who just need a spot to "park and work" for a few hours or a day.

By enabling members of 231 Main to share amenities, the costs of having an office are drastically lower than most other options. A month-to-month membership makes a co-working space a more practical, flexible solution over entering into a long-term lease contract. Many new and growing small businesses benefit from using a co-working space as a short to mid-term solution to fill a gap until they are ready to take on a long-term lease for a dedicated space on their own.

Membership at 231 Main will include all utilities, access to high-speed (fiber optic) internet, 24/7 site access, and other privileges. The co-working space will also be used to host workshops and mentoring sessions for new start-ups and businesses looking to grow and expand.

Once completed, 231 Main will also offer a large conference and event area with streaming capabilities, a private and well-equipped podcasting room, a small kitchenette, rentable lockers, and the equipment necessary to ensure productivity, including items like a copier and scanner.

Renovations are expected to be complete in early fall, after which Historic Downtown

Kendallville will open the space for public tours. An official grand opening is being planned for a date in early 2024.

Monthly memberships will start at $100/month. "Founding members,” those who sign up for a 24-month term, will receive a substantially discounted rate on membership as an exclusive offer at launch.

To learn more, or become a member, to contact Brandon Still at or (260) 777-0773.

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