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Enjoy downtown events, explore our businesses, and get involved in promoting and preserving historic downtown Kendallville, Indiana!  

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Kendallville featured on HGTV

Updates aired on "Home Town Takeover: Where Are They Now" with Ben & Erin Napier

Although Watumpka, Alabama was chosen for a Home Town Takeover, thousands of communities - including Kendallville - submitted video entries to the community makeover contest in early 2020.

Since then, producers at HGTV have reached out a few times to Kristen Johnson, director of the Kendallville Chamber of Commerce and president of Experience the Heart of Kendallville. Kristen, with help from local stakeholders, provided updates just after submitting the application for a PreservINg Main Street grant, which the city ultimately did win!

As a result of providing those updates, Kendallville was featured during an HGTV Thanksgiving Special, "Home Town Takeover: Where Are They Now". The episode aired twice over the holiday weekend. (The full episode, a precursor to a new series called "Home Town Kickstart" that will feature six more community transformations, can be streamed by Discovery+ subscribers.) Kendallville was again passed over for direct assistance from the Napiers, however was pretty prominently featured during the special.

HGTV granted permission to share these clips from the show. Enjoy and join EHK in celebrating our own home town for the inspiration they create!

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