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Enjoy downtown events, explore our businesses, and get involved in promoting and preserving historic downtown Kendallville, Indiana!  

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Art on Main bird baths to be auctioned off September 15

hand decorated bird bath
Bird baths like this one will be auctioned off.

Each year, Historic Downtown Kendallville hosts an Art on Main project that features local artists who have designed or decorated an item to be displayed on Main Street throughout the summer. Past projects have included windmills, benches, bee boxes, and rain barrels, to name a few. This year, the project was bird baths.

Historic Downtown Kendallville had 12 different artists create or embellish a bird

bath in their own unique style. Those artworks have been on display downtown since May, and are now coming up on the auction block to the highest bidder.

The auction, which helps Historic Downtown Kendallville deliver its mission of “encouraging the economic development, historic preservation, and continuous improvement of downtown Kendallville” will be held on Friday, September 15, 2023, at Hosler Realty on Main Street. Doors will open at 5:00pm, with light appetizers and a cash bar, followed by judging and awards at 6:00 p.m.

Awards include First Place/Best in Show ($250), Second Place ($150), and People’s Choice ($100). Once judging is complete, the auction will begin, estimated at 6:15pm, facilitated by Dean Rummel.

Artists for this year’s Art on Main project include the following individuals/groups:

  • Andrea Beachy

  • Stephane Langelier

  • Ania Hornberger

  • Rebecca Stahl

  • Kaila Mruk

  • Kathy Lawson

  • Kailey LaRoy

  • Summer Treesh

  • Helen Gebhart

  • Racoon Forge

  • IMPACT Institute Students: Bryce Roberts, Nick Kaiser, Madeliyn McElroy, Audrey Bair, Xavier Allen, Aden Stanko, Lane Wolfe, and Matt Quickery

“We have such amazing artistic talent here in Noble County, and I’m grateful that so many artists have participated in the project this year," said Kristen Johnson, Main Street Manager. "Each bird bath is uniquely beautiful and will make a great addition to someone’s back yard oasis.”

For answers to questions or additional information, please contact Historic Downtown Kendallville via email at or call 260-318-0883.


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