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Enjoy downtown events, explore our businesses, and get involved in promoting and preserving historic downtown Kendallville, Indiana!  

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Free workshop will teach vintage window operation & restoration

Well-maintained, original windows last much longer than replacements & offer better energy efficiency. Experience the Heart of Kendallville is hosting a workshop to share the basics of vintage window operation and restoration to help encourage local property owners to preserve and protect the historic integrity of their structures.

Window Restoration 101

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

6:00 - 8:00 PM Community Learning Center - Kendallville

This workshop will be presented by Indiana Landmarks, an organization focused on saving the places that matter to Hoosiers—houses, barns, bridges, churches, schools, downtown districts, and vintage neighborhoods. By restoring and repurposing historic buildings, Indiana Landmarks reconnects people to heritage and revitalizes communities.

Who should attend?

Owners of historic properties, people interested in historic preservation and restoration, and the general public are invited to attend this free workshop. Registration is required, but free.

Why should you attend?

When you learn the different parts of a vintage window and how they operate, you can repair them to last for decades. It’s a simple, step-by-step process to replace broken sash cords, remove and replace broken glass and deteriorated window putty, and use epoxy for deteriorated wood repair.

Beyond the obvious function of letting in sunlight and ventilation, windows are an important architectural element that give a property its distinctive character. In addition to maintaining the original style, preserving vintage windows retains the old growth lumber used to construct them — wood that is tight grained and longer lasting than new wood you can buy today.


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