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Ribbon cutting on solar project

The public is invited to a ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating the completion of the McCray Solar Power Generation Project.

"This project has turned what was an environmental brownfield and visual eyesore into a green, beautiful site," explained Mayor W. SuzAnne Handshoe in an invitation to the community issued by the City of Kendallville.

The new solar field, located at the former McCray Refrigeration plant, 205 W Wayne Street in downtown Kendallville, will not only provide clean, renewable energy to power the city's wastewater treatment plant, but also save taxpayers significant dollars for years to come, according to the announcement.

"The City of Kendallville deeply appreciates that both the Local Development Corporation and Redevelopment Commission recognized this project for the tremendous opportunity it represented in changing the narrative of what economic development can truly be," continued Handshoe.

The ribbon-cutting will take place on Wednesday, April 20 at 10:30 a.m. at the site. The public is invited. The announcement included the following agenda:

  • Welcome by Mayor W. SuzAnne Handshoe

  • Project overview by Eric Hesher, owner of Renewable Energy Systems

  • Guest speaker Brian C. Rockensuess, Commissioner, Indiana Department of Environmental Management

  • Guest speaker Sue Glick, State Senator District 13

  • Guest speaker David Abbott, Indiana District 82

  • Guest speaker Gary Gatman, Executive Director, Be Noble Inc. (LEDO)

  • Guest speaker Brian Walter, Senior Pastor, South Milford Church of Christ

  • Ribbon cutting

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